Dhow Cruise Details

Ancient Arabian rituals, belly-dancing entertainment, and even the interiors of the dhow itself promise to provide you with a deep-rooted feeling of belongingness to the Arabic lifestyle. Only with Dhow Dinner Cruises Company you and your fellow travelers can rest assured that you will be provided with a full-fledged dhow dinner cruise experience of a lifetime.

Wedding Anniversaries on a dhow cruise:

What could be better than spending quality time with your beloved on a romantic ride like a dhow cruise?
If you are looking for the ideal location to celebrate your anniversary there could be no better place to have your guests other than on an exotic dhow cruise in Dubai. You can customize the arrangements on a dhow to replicate your wedding day or to make it look even more beautiful. Inform us about your requirements like flowers, the cuisine of choice, sweets, drinks, music and even about the way you require the dinner tables to be set.

Wedding anniversaries at sea are more memorable than those spent at any other type of location. There are two ways to celebrate this joyous occasion: one is with all your friends and family; the other is spending time alone with your beloved. Either way, doing so on a dhow cruise is sure to make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

People mostly like having a private dinner on such occasions. But whatever it is you are looking for, we will be able to arrange it for you.

Family Time on a dhow cruise:

Dubai is not all about its shopping malls and desert safaris. It is also an emirate that offers ways to relax and spend quality time together as a family. A Dubai boat tour is the ideal choice for families.

A relaxing sail through the creek is something that everybody will enjoy. This is one activity that will interest the elders and the kids in your family equally. The kids watch the other busy dhows hustle and bustle with activities, while the elders can recollect the good old days. The pleasant atmosphere it creates makes this ride more enjoyable. A good Dubai boat tour offers a glimpse of the city the way no other means of transport can.

Evenings are one of the best times to go on a dhow cruise. Watching the sunset from a dhow in the vast open creek is something beyond words. Be it a romantic time with your beloved or family time with cousins and relatives, cruise activities can be arranged according to your preference. A Dubai dhow cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy time with your loved ones in the most memorable way possible..

Corporate lunches on a dhow cruise:

Organizing a MICE- Meeting, Incentive, Conference or Event on a dhow cruise in Dubai is an excellent choice. With our many years of experience in organizing and hosting such events, the Dhow Dinner Cruises is a veteran at handling business events smoothly.

Conducting meetings, conferences and workshops at sea on a dhow cruise is an economical and efficient way to stage your event. You will be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to conduct an event on a cruise compared to a land-based venue. Cruises are highly popular with attendees and helps make your event a roaring success.

Dhow Dinner Cruises Company is extraordinarily capable at arranging such events to perfection. Excursions like desert safaris and other city activities are great after a MICE for employees to loosen up and have a great time on their business trip.

We assist with hotel bookings in U.A.E. for large crowds and can also arrange car rentals as well as other transportation to and from the venue. As you explore our website, you will learn more about the advantages of holding your next meeting or conference at sea with the help of our company.

Birthday parties on a dhow cruise:

Being in an emirate like Dubai, you have plenty of choices in hand. Ever thought of celebrating a birthday party on a dhow cruise? A Dubai dhow cruise is one of the best ways to spend time with your friends on your special day.

Certain events in life are always remembered as the best ones. A birthday party on a cruise will definitely be one of them. A surprise birthday party on a dhow is the last thing anyone will ever expect. Cruises are known for the entertainment they provide. Organizing a party with a good Dubai boat tour company is one of the best ways to see that your friend has a memorable evening to cherish. An evening dhow cruise party followed by a dinner is a perfect package of good moods and great times for everybody. This will be one birthday your friend will always thank you for. Friends play a major role in our lives; this will be one way of showing your love for them.

Get in touch with our organizers; share your plans and needs. The rest is for us to provide and for you to enjoy.

Romantic dinner on a dhow cruise:

Wining and dining at the most beautiful restaurant in town can never be a bad idea. But why not make your romantic dinner even more special by having it aboard a dhow cruise? Dhow cruises are romantic in and of themselves. The whispering breeze and the yellow, pink and orange sunset is sure to take your breath away. When the evening turns to darkness, a private romantic candle lit dinner on a boat can never fail to ignite the gentle flame of love between couples.

Private bookings mostly ensure complete privacy for the guests onboard and a wonderful onboard service. From great cuisine pickings to the music of your choice, a private dinner and dhow cruise in Dubai is the ultimate romantic dinner.

The cuisines found onboard Dubai dinner cruises include options like Continental, Oriental and local. You can decide beforehand the cuisine you would prefer to enjoy aboard the dhow. There are online bookings that can be made for these dhow dinner cruises and tourists can also select the dhow cruise package of their choice. A private and romantic dhow cruise in Dubai experienced during sunset is a not-to-be-missed tour option.

Sightseeing from a dhow cruise:

There is the common route that tourists take to get a glimpse of all the attractions in Dubai if you’re on a Dubai sightseeing tour. People usually hire cars through a trusted Dubai tour operator as it isn’t possible to explore the whole city on foot. But why get stuck in traffic when you can see the whole city at a steady pace by taking a dhow cruise through the heart of the city?
After checking out Dubai by land, you could also view many of Dubai’s marvels by sailing on the Dubai creek, with the help of the traditional dhow dinner cruise. You can explore the creek alone afloat on an abra but if you are looking to take up this activity as a group a dhow is better. The dhows are much bigger compared to the abras and are made for leisure purposes.

While watching the sky, the glassy water, the beautifully lit historical as well as modern buildings, the bustling city life and the wild life sanctuary bordering the banks of the creek, you can also have dinner on a majestic dhow cruise in Dubai.