3 Amazing Sights To Witness During Dubai Boat Tour

3 Amazing Sights To Witness During Dubai Boat Tour

Imagine yourself punting along the azure waters of Dubai during an amazing Dubai boat tour ride paddling along with your love. Feels amazing isn’t it? Turn this imagination into reality and experience the feeling live! Dubai boat tour is a way to witness the 3 most amazing sights along the shores of Dubai.

1. The Chamber of Commerce building

The Chamber of Commerce building is a structure that stands out as a marvelous canvas of modern architecture boasting its glass facades and beautiful angular lines. Floating on the banks of Dubai Creek, this imposing structure gleams when the sun rays kiss its glass façade.

2. The ancestral home of Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed’s ancestral home is another eye-soother that haves the onlooker admire its structured traditional edifice. It was constructed a century ago with the help of traditional Arabian concepts. It’s a fort that is surrounded by 4 watchtowers, one at each corner. Situated near Al Ain Museum, you can also step off from your cruise or Dubai Boat Tour ride and take a walk around the museum.

3. Heritage village

A village that takes you back in the history of Dubai renaissance, thus letting you peek into Dubai’s past. There are scented market places (popularly known as souks), local wares and traditional dress markets that are filled with hollers of sellers and customers.

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