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3 Interesting Facts Of Arabic Coffee You Did Not Know

3 Interesting Facts Of Arabic Coffee You Did Not Know

Dubai is known for its Arabic coffee, lauded for its rich and tempting taste throughout the world. Here are 4 interesting facts about Arabic coffee. Past: Arabic coffee first originated in Ethiopia in the 9th century. Kaldi- a goat herder realized how feeding the goats with certain type of berries raised the goats’ energy. Kaldi’s […]

Water Activities you just cannot Miss in Dubai

Snorkeling Snorkeling allows you to enjoy a myriad of underwater sights without being burdened by heavy underwater diving equipment. As you make your way through at The Atlantis, you come face to face with thousands of species of fishes, ranging from colorful reef fish, sharks and rays. Water Skiing Ride the waves and feel the […]

Three Things For A Perfect Family Vacation In Dubai

Are you on a family vacation to Dubai? Are you confused as to what to do on this trip of yours? Well, in this busy world, when you are trying to find some time alone with the family, you want to do activities together with the family as a whole. Here are a few things […]

Five Tips For A Perfect Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride has been fascinating to many. Moreover, it can be an adventure that you’ll cherish for your whole life. Gliding in the air balloon and seeing the sprawling emirate of Dubai from a bird’s eye view is totally mesmerizing. So, if you are planning to purchase a balloon ride Dubai deal, […]

Experience Water Wonders in Dubai

Do you simply love the waters? Well, a trip to Dubai is incomplete without enjoying the water wonders here. Dubai has amazing seas and there are endless possibilities which you can explore when it comes to water sports and other such excursions. * Fishing Fun: For those who are fishing enthusiasts, you can simply hire […]