Dubai Marina Cruise: Sightseeing & More!

Dubai Marina Cruise: Sightseeing & More!

Punting along the ocean in a splendid Dubai Marina Cruise is a breathtaking experience. Read on to know what all places you can visit along the beautiful Dubai shores.

1. Dubai COC building

Floating across the banks of Dubai Creek, The Chamber of Commerce is a beautiful piece of modern architecture you wouldn’t want to miss. It is known for its display of elegant angular lines and glass surfaces.

2. The ancestral home of Sheikh Zayed

If you want to witness a marvelous traditional structure, this one is the best representation of the coveted Arabian works. You can also visit the Al Ain Museum situated nearby. Tourists gallop in large numbers to capture this beautiful ancestral home and then take a stroll around the museum of Al Ain.

3. Replica of Dubai renaissance

Here we are talking about the Heritage Village as it best represents Dubai renaissance and takes you many years back in time.
Take a walk through its markets displaying beautiful local wares and traditional ethnic wears. You will find some of the most fascination souvenirs you could ever collect.

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