Dubai – The City Of Happenings!

Dubai – The City Of Happenings!

If you’re wondering whether Dubai is a destination in which you could feel at home for a prolonged period of time while you work to enjoy a tax free salary or you’re just considering it as a place to visit with your family, here are just a handful of the most popular attractions with expatriates living and working in the emirate as well as with tourists visiting the UAE.

You can navigate the narrow lanes, marvel at the restored buildings and really lose yourself in this part of old Dubai before heading for Dubai Museum which will give you a fascinating insight into just how much Dubai has changed over the years.

If you fancy getting out of the city then take a desert safari, if you want to entertain your children then head for Wild Wadi Water World, Children’s City or Encounter Zone. To witness modern places in Dubai consider visiting the Mall of the Emirates. It is the one of biggest mall. Inside there is a ski resort, a theatre and arts centre, Magic Planet. Visit this amusement park – and choose to dine from 60 restaurants and visit over 400 shops in the mall as well.

Dubai is a fascinating, exciting and unique destination – it is also a location where you can live and work and enjoy life as an expatriate and the financial benefits that go along with such status.

And what makes Dubai even more happening is Dubai marina cruise; an unmatched experience amidst the ocean, overlooking the Dubai skyline and beautiful scenery!

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