Lesser Known Facts About Dubai That’ll Surprise You

Lesser Known Facts About Dubai That’ll Surprise You

Check out some mind-boggling facts about Dubai that will make you roll your eyes. Here you go.

WYHINWYB-What you hear is not what you believe!

You must have heard about Dubai localites being called as Emiraties. However, surprisingly Emiraties make only 17% of total population while population is largely split between Indians, Pakistanis and Europeans.

Burj Khalifa:

Everyone knows it is the tallest building in the world. However, who would have imagined that here you can spot a real scenario rich disguised. Confused? Well, simply put, you will seem some residents eagerly waiting in long queues to break their fast during Ramadan.

Another cool fact is that if you plan to stay or have stayed in one of the rooms on 80th or higher floors, know that you can observe sun for longer hours than those living on floors 80.

Coolest cops:

In Dubai, you will see police travelling in autos like Lamborghini, and Ferrari. They surely make the game of NFS come alive!

The city with no codes

Dubai has no process of addresses. That means no zip or area codes. Hence, no telegrams. Also not a place to shop online.

Gold ATMs

How would you react when you know you can get gold bars from as omnipresent as an ATM?

Dubai Fast!

The engineers in Dubai built an entire above the ground metro station (established in 2009) consisting of 42 station in less than 730 days!

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