Traditional Cuisines Of UAE That Are A Must Try

Traditional Cuisines Of UAE That Are A Must Try

Dubai city in UAE is revered for its ultramodern architecture. Be it luxury shopping or seeking pleasure on exotic islands it is a city filled with delights. But many a times, tourists inquire about what cuisines they must try while in Dubai. Here are 4 must try dishes in Dubai.

Al Harees:

If you’re looking for an exotic dish made from wheat and meat, Al Harees is a must try. It is a popular dish loved by most, often presented during auspicious events like Ramadan and Eid. It consists of wheat and meat cooked with a pinch of salt and spices in boiling water until it makes a smooth paste. It is cooked in a covered clay pot heated on coal.


Shawarma is another popular food of Dubai loved across Asia. It’s a dish made from chicken or lamb. Several hotels in Dubai serve Shawarma in various styles from one brewing in mixed garlic sauce to dry shawarmas served with fries, and pickle.

Al Machboos:

If we are talking about authentic traditional dish of Dubai, UAE, Al Machboos cannot be forgotten. Made from meat, rice, lemon and onions, this dish invites drools especially due to its tempting seasoning, salt and spices proportion. Al Machboos is a favorite of Gulf residents.


Hummus is a popular dip made using olive oil, chickpeas, salt, tahini paste, garlic, and lemon juice. It compliments well with Shawarma and pita bread and is a good appetizer. Its unique but delicious taste will make you twirl your tongue while you enjoy eating Hummus.

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