Dubai Dhow Cruise

Exclusive Dinner Cruise
It’s difficult to put into words the quintessentially Arabian charm and good feeling given by a meandering dhow cruise along the 8.7 mile creek that winds through the heart of Dubai. It’s an experience that must be had firsthand in order to be properly comprehended, but for now, it must suffice to tell you the constituent elements that go into creating this magical experience.

The first constituent element is of course the dhow itself. The Dhow Dinner Cruises Company uses only the finest, most elegant and most beautifully decorated dhows for our dinner cruises. So no matter whether you’re looking to host a private party for your whole company or a romantic dinner for two, we’re sure to have the ideal dhow to match your needs.

The second element is the Dubai Creek along which the cruise takes place. This famous body of water winds directly through the heart of Dubai, making a cruise along it the ideal way to see the city in all its glory. Indeed, the creek is so important to the city that some scholars have even speculated that the name Dubai refers to it in ancient Arabic.

The next element is of course the food. No dhow dinner cruise in Dubai would be complete without a scrumptious meal of both Arabian and multinational cuisines to suit every palate. The meal is rounded off with complimentary soft drinks and coffee prepared and served in the traditional Arabian way.

Entertainment of all kinds is also provided, including stand-up comedians, magic shows, belly dancing shows, DJs, and traditional Arabian music. So whether you prefer to savor the delicious food, watch the evening’s entertainment, watch the city go by, chat, or simply sit back and relax, you’re sure to enjoy yourself immensely. Call us to book your dhow dinner cruise in Dubai today!

Disclaimer: Dhow Dinner Cruises Company reserves the right to decide which boat to use for sailing.